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Our team of expert local staff can design, manufacture and install a wide range of Stainless Steel Fabrication services in Perth

Our primary Stainless Steel services in Perth comprise of:

  • Exhaust Canopy

  • Bench Work

  • Cabinets

  • Splashbacks

  • Wall Clads

  • Racking

  • Shelving

We also have a completely custom service, so if you need stainless steel fabricated in Perth, we’re determined to finding and sourcing the perfect solution to satisfy needs for any stainless steel fabrication job. Call us now. (08) 9249 4889.

Custom Stainless Steel Perth

As the local, trusted, steel fabricators in Perth, we are located in Malaga in a steel fabrication facility that has the capabilities to do anything from small to large commercial steel fabrication projects.

With shared backgrounds in refrigeration and air-conditioning, we have the capability to design all manner of products for residential and commercial projects. With many years of experience and that great Australian entrepreneurial drive, we have developed a great trust with our clients and look forward to meeting new people, and undertaking new and challenging steel fabrication projects every day.

Specialising in Custom Stainless Steel Fabrication for the Hospitality industry

Most of our specialist services cater to the restaurant and catering industry. Many of our clients require durable stainless steel products and custom refrigeration fit outs. Some examples of the type of custom work we do include:

The passion for our business, as Perth’s steel fabrication providers, comes from spending many years in the manufacturing and trades industries and taking on board those values, we have established a custom fabrication facility second to none. And that passion has seen us become involved in many small and large scale projects with government contracts, restaurant refurbishments, new construction, and other projects just to name a few.

For a full list of our clients or to speak to one of our direct clients who have the best experiences in stainless steel fabrication in Perth, feel free to contact our office and we can provide testimonials. We enjoy the complexity which is involved in every commission and look forward to meeting with you to discuss your next project.

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