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Custom Refrigeration and Fabrication are committed to providing quality solutions with an efficient, reliable and premium standard of service.

Our capabilities in Perth are:

for commercial kitchen fit-outs, and various other commercial and residential applications in Perth.
spanning a wide range of areas such as commercial kitchens, supermarkets, aged care facilities, fast food stores and much more.
• Custom Portable Refrigeration including the building and maintaining of portable cool rooms on trailers in Perth.
• Commercial and residential air conditioning supply and installation for a wide range of clients spanning all over Perth.

We pride ourselves on being 100% customer centric, meaning we provide professional, personalised service and 24/7 support. We ensure we meet the clients requirements every single time.

We are proud to be locally owned and operated and being based in Malaga allows us to service all sorts of commercial and residential projects all over Perth and rural Western Australia. We have successfully completed installing completely custom solutions for businesses from Albany all the way to Broome, so we accommodate much more than just the metropolitan area for our stainless steel fabrication Perth based services.

With over 20 years combined experience in the business, the team at Custom Refrigeration and Fabrication are highly experienced, qualified and passionate specialists that provide you full circle support ranging from design, manufacturing, installation, maintenance and repairs.

We have worked with clients like Nandos, Red Rooster, The Crown Complex, The Salvation Army, Roy Hill Mine Site, Cloudbreak Mine site and Wheatstone project on projects ranging from commercial refrigeration, stainless steel fabrication and commercial air conditioning. We enjoy the challenges that commercial work brings, and we complete all work to 100% client satisfaction and best practices.

Thanks for visiting our website, get in with us today, for a quote on your next project and we will respond to you within 24 hours.

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